Business Aviation Statistics

The year on year trend in flight activity

Solid growth in France and UK, Scandinavia strong, Germany & Switzerland declining.

City Performance in November 2016

Cities with most business aviation flights
Despite overall decline, demand up in several European cities. Strong growth in Nice.


Private Jet Slot Applications & What You Need to Know

After the article titled “What is Slot?” in our blog, you may wonder how this process works. While preparing a travel plan for you, you can get information about the slot application and its process, or you can read this article before. You had to make a last-minute flight, but you learned that there will be changes in dates and times due to the slot application. What can be done to avoid this problem or what are the tricks?


2020 Trends: Predicted Developments in the Private Jet Industry

In the individual-oriented sectors, developments are experienced every year according to the developing technology and the demands of the users. 


What is slot for private jet flights?

Every passenger who chooses the air as a means of transportation medium, regardless of commercial or private flights, has heard the word “slot”  at least once in their life. This restriction, which sometimes leads to delays, has an important place in the aviation industry.