Avione Jet – An Innovative Private Jet Charter Search Tool

As a private jet charter company, we have always felt the neccesity of keeping up with the technological developments besides preserving our traditional hospitality which aims a high level of satisfaction. Combining our ambition with innovation, we offer you not only a good service but also an unforgettable experience with our 24/7 team of private jet experts.


How smart we are                                                       

Our innovative private jet search tool is actually an interactive  system which links user with a 24/7 functioning network of thousands of accredited airplanes. But how smart  we are is hidden in how we do it ! Avione Jet streamlines air charter business and it simplifies the whole process to just a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone screen .


How simple we are

Our real time online network of more than 3000 private jet operators is only a click away in the simplest way ever. All you need to do is type your itinerary in our smart tool and it does all the rest for you.


How it works

  • Type your itinerary
  • We’ve added an ‘’ ADD FLIGHT’’ button for the trips with different start points. So no matter  if you have a return flight, or a second  flight  from a different location, you can create your trip with the ‘’ ADD FLIGHT’’ button.
  • We love to be specific so we’ve added hours on the schedule unlike many other providers.
  • ‘’Your contact details section’’ is minimized  only to essential information we need.
  • After sending your request, you will have reached our global network of private jet and submit them your inquiry.
  • Our 24/7 team will make sure you get the responds in maximum 15 minutes.


Worldwide access

Avione Jet provides global access to thousands of aircraft available for charter flights, from amphibic airplanes to super luxury executive jets and airliners. Acting as a travel expert, we also use only preferred terminals and FBOs in the whole world.



Avione Jet inspired from the idea of being as quick as possible creating the online private jet booking system. We don’t only provide you with a quick pricing. What we actually do is being quick in every part of the booking and the flight operation process.


Your safety matters to us

Avione Jet acts as an inspector when it comes to safety and we ensure all our partners have a valid air operator certificate, insurance and all related documents. Safety is our rule number one. Every aircraft we provide comply with their national civil aviation regulations with regard to maintenance, operations and insurance. All legal documents of the aircraft and the crew could be submitted to our guests upon request. Our operation team is very well aware of all the dangerous destinations, war risk areas, difficult runways, custom procedures and they will be informing you with a detailed briefing before your flight.

Besides, the private jet operators in the USA and some parts of Europe could also be rated for safety by some aviation-auditing authorities. These options allow an operator to hold a rating, which shows their dedication to safety standards. The major authorities are Argus and Wyvern.

ARGUS ( the Aviation Research Group US) is a system of rating charter companies which is called CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) that  unites the safety records of a charter operator, aircraft and crew.

Avione Jet  is an Argus Certified Broker which has this accreditation for best practice and safety. Wyvern provides its PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) program, using data points including pilot and maintenance personnel training; crew currency; and background checks to give either a ‘Registered’ (entry-level) or ‘Wingman’ (advanced) standard to operators.


Personal care

Your experience begins with a personal Aviation Concierge who handles each and every aspect of your journey. We ensure that no detail is left unaddressed, no expectation left unmet. Avione Jet is fully responsible for your trip from A to Z. We know that private jet travel is a luxury experience and that’s why we customize our air charter flights to cater to our passengers every want and need. Our sales consultants work in a close coordination with our guests to find the most proper solution tailored to your needs. Depending on the distance, the amount of the passengers, the luggage situation and so many more criterias we offer you various options to choose among and assist you all through this process. The most proper solution here means the highest standards with the most reasonable costs. The dynamic structure of the company and the latest technological facilities we have give us the opportunity to provide our guests with the best price guarantee. How we do it is not a secret, we work hard, follow the global traffic 24/7 and choose our affiliates meticulously. After deciding on the right aircraft, all probable scenarios are taken into consideration like political stability of the destination country, weather, airport closures, slot congestions, etc... We check them all very carefully before we promise and guide you to a hassle free trip.