We are very proud of presenting a brand new product, first and only in Turkey, Privus Jet Card. Privus Jet Card is a perfect combination of all the existing cards in the market. When we first decided to develop a smart card, we wanted it to be really smart so we made it as flexible as possible. You can either use it as a very advantageous loyalty card or as your private jet guide to meet all your charter needs with various programmes tailored to your exact requirements. Unlike all other jet cards, there is no limitation within flight hours so you can purchase even a 2 hours package with our contracted rates. Complimentary flights, helicopter tours, airport transfers are only few of the benefits offered to the card holders. What makes it unique is the fact that it could also be used by air crew members so if you already own an aircraft, you could have it for your own crew and still enjoy the advantages. As a crew member you could buy fuel, handling services, airport transfers anywhere in the world. To secure the faultless service we require priornotification and this way, we inform you about the prices of requested services and make sure these services are fully available. One card for all your needs...


Upto 25 hour

This is for you if you don’t fly frequently but do know when you will. With a reasonable prior notice, we guarantee you one way prices no matter how many hours you would buy.



You can buy a 25 hour package to use in 24 months. Packages vary by size light, mid or heavy.



You can buy a 25 hour package to use in 32 months. Packages vary by size light, mid or heavy.


Shared Seats 

You can choose to buy a seat on our regular flights. Please check available routes from your account manager.


Online Monitoring

Logging into your account you can monitor your bonus points and book a flight.


Apply now for endless advantages and free flight hours

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