On private flights, there are many aircraft types to choose from amongst. Small prop aircrafts, small, medium and long range jets can be preferred according to the needs of the passengers. But how to choose the best aircraft?


The first determiner of the aircraft type is the range. If desired destination is closer than 2 hours flight, then you can fly with all of the above-mentioned aircraft. However, if you need to fly more than 4 hours, your option will be medium or long range jets. Even though making stops on route is always an option, it won’t be reasonable in terms of cost planning.

2.Number of Passengers

If you travel with less than 4 people, the best choice would be small jets or small prop aircrafts. If the number of passengers is between 4 to 8, you can travel with medium jets and if more than 8, your only option will be long range jets. In addition to this, if you need to carry lots of luggage such as golf clubs or skis, then you must consider the aircraft’s inner volume, too.

3.Luxury and Comfort

If you also can’t give up on the comfort and quality, your choice should be a medium or long range jet that is equipped with all the amenities one can need. Should you require a flight attendant to fly with you, then you should stick with this choice. However, please note that if you need extra services on-board such as small workstations, hot meal services or a even a bed, you should notify these prior to reserving the aircraft. 

4.The Cost

Another crucial determiner of the private jet types is the cost. There are various variables which affect the hourly price of a private jet including maintenance costs, fuel flow per hour and etc.

If you follow these criteria, you can make the best choice. However, if you like to skip this part and concentrate on the joy of flight, you can always let Avione Jet find the best aircraft tailored to your needs.