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Bodrum Mykonos Bodrum Private Jet Flights

Mykonos or Bodrum are not among the busiest airports of Europe all year-round but they turn to be exceptionally busy between June and October. Bodrum increased 6% in demand last summer, with up to 50 private jet take-offs or landings per day. And Mykonos even more. We see these destinations take more and more attention day by day, above all other summer hotspots, over the last few years – and this means it might be though to find suitable slots for your flight.

Mykonos is getting more crowded year by year

Because of its great beauty, Mykonos is getting more and more passengers every year and demand is beginning to outweigh supply at peak times. For bookings close to departure, aircraft based further afield may need to be chartered. And when aircraft parking is in short supply, flights can be given just a 30-minute window to land and take off again, rather than waiting on the ground for the return. All of this means aircraft have to position in and out, adding extra costs to a flight for last minute bookings.
Especially on Fridays –  Mykonos will reach full capacity on take-off and landing slots or aircraft parking. So last minute travellers have to make alternative plans. We had to fly some passengers into Athens and then onto Mykonos by helicopter, when the island’s airport was not accepting any more landings

Bodrum also reaches capacity at peak periods in the summer months
Based on the numbers on Avione Jet Private Jet Search Tool, Bodrum is also reaching its capacity at peak times and it will be even busier in the next years. So you had better make your plans as early as possible.

Private jet charter costs to Bodrum and Mykonos

For aircraft booking ahead, these are typical charter costs from Istanbul or Bodrum to Mykonos:
İstanbul to Mykonos one way  : € 5,500 / Citation Bravo
Bodrum to Mykonos one way  : € 6,500 / Citation Bravo
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