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The capital of Netherlands, also a good place for cultural and corporate events, Amsterdam is a great spot for the leisure and corporate travellers. Located  around the river Amstel, Amsterdam city arises from its hub in Amsterdam Stock Exchange among residential and commercial areas. Since the time it was a small port city, Amsterdam has been the economic milestone of the country, and it has been kept so until today. Many global companies have a base in the city. Some of them are ING Group, Royal Bank of Scotland and Heineken International. Lovely historic canals from the 17th century links major districts, beside smart rail systems which prevents the city traffic from being over used.

Amsterdam cultural life hosts a huge variety of  options, from the Red Light District to the world's best coffee houses and cafes in the center. Maybe the best tourist attraction might be the Anne Frank Museum around the actual canal-side house where the family was hiding from Nazi forces. Your dream Amsterdam holiday might be including a tour of  marvellous European shopping ? Hence, the Nine Streets is definitely the right choice for you. Flying above the city will be an attraction itself. A private jet trip to Amsterdam will offer you a picturesque view of the city, full of canals, beautiful trees and colorful objects.

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For every flight we arrange, Avione Jet makes sure the airplane and the operator meet the standards of  related aviation authorities such as FAA . We are applying a safety audit on each private charter flight. We monitor all aircraft and operators through our due diligence safety programmes to ensure you the safest aircraft.Safety is a cornerstone for us, that’s why we have our in house safety diligence programme.