There are more than 3.000 airports that private aviation users can choose in Europe. As these airports could be major and busy ones, flyers can choose to fly to more moderate or isolated ones as well. This choice depends on the users’ needs and location mainly. Here, you can find the top 5 Europe private jet airports that Europe Private Jet Charters use.

The list is based on the number of aircraft movements.  

  • Paris Le Bourget Airport

Located literally at the center of Paris, Le Bourget Airport witnessed 49.260 aircraft movements in 2016. Serving only for private jet charters, the passengers can find exquisite facilities offered in various terminals as well as top quality services.

  • Geneva Airport

Located at the coast of pleasant Geneva Lake, Geneva Airport received 32.680 aircraft movements in 2016 mainly as a result of the city’s economic and political position. Geneva Airport is one of the major airports in Switzerland.

  • Nice Cote D’Azur Airport

The capital of French Riviera, Nice is one of the most preferred tourism centers in Europe. Appealing to the elite guests, Cote D’Azur is the top third private jet airport in Europe with a number of 32.356 aircraft movements. There are 3 FBO’s and 3 helicopter operators based in the airport. At Cote D’Azur you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost service.    

  • London Luton Airport

London is the busiest route for private jet charters. However, since the number of passengers are divided into 4 airports, Luton is ranked only the 4th in our list. Receiving 28.248 aircraft movements, Luton Airport is located 50 minutes away of the city and has 3 FBO’s.

  • Zurich Airport

Seen 24.154 aircraft movements in 2016, Zurich Airport is the 5th top private jet airport in Europe. Like Geneva, Zurich has a key role in Europe’s economy and is a financial center. 2 FBO’s are based in the airport.