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Catania, is located on the east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea.The mighty Mount Etna volcano stands inauspicious just near enough.

In the past, Catania was damaged by eruptions from Etna. But as time past away, natural disasters turned out to be natural beauty. Nowadays, Catania is the most crowded and popular city in Sicily. Tourists from all around the world come here to lay under the sun in its well known beaches, on the other hand tourists also enjoy walking enjoyably through the cobblestone streets accompanied by the magical structures of grandiose Romanesque buildings.

The city houses are all historical, one by one. But the most historical and important one to be seen is the u Litori; the sculpture of an elephant which is made from lava and since 1736 it has been the symbol of Catania. Lots of interesting and curious stories are told about this sculpture of u Lotiri, for example; it being the mount of a condemned wizard.

 Instead of trying to cross the road which is mostly too busy,  stay in the historic town line and travel to enjoy some good  time at the beach. The well known as Il Principe Boutique  Hotel in Catania puts together a posh architecture, including  such as private baths with modern jacuzzi tubs.

 And again, The Hotel Scalinata Alessi is located between  Via Etnea street and Via Crociferi street. According to the Il  Principe's traditional Scicillian architecture, as a Patrimony  of Humanity it earned itself a a title from UNESCO.

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