Avione Jet offers private jet flights to Bolzano, Spain.Whether you are flying for leisure or business, our online booking platform will help you find the correct aircraft option. Bolzano is a great private jet destination where you could discover endless attractions. Our 24/7 team will be fully assisting you with your private flight trip to Bolzano. You could also hire helicopters for city tours.

Settled between Venice and Augsburg, Bolzano is the capital of the Tyrol South. The city is neighbour to Germany, and for long centuries after the fall of the Romans was occupied by Bavarians. Today, Bolzano stands for a mix of German and Italian heritage with about ¾ of the country speaks Italian and the other ¼ German.

There are a lot of ski resorts within one hour drive to  Bolzano Airport. Or you can rest your head closer to sea at the Gardenhotel Premstaller,  in the Bolzano apple orchards. Or accomodate yourself at the Hotel Eberle, overlooking the city. The Eberle features a  very fine dining and access directly to the Oswald promenade.

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