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As the name of the city implies, Bath was initially a spa resort for the Roman Empire after they conquered the British Isles. It changed hands as the centuries went by, Bath turned to a place of refuge for the world-weary. The city is located  ninetyseven miles west of  London and thirteen miles south of  Bristol. The baths are some of the finest and oldest architecture in the town, but when you are done with looking, find out what all this is about at Thermae Bath Spa. Thermae unites some aspects of the Romans and modern spa experiences. The company keeps the only warm, mineral spring in the U.K.

After some relaxation, it is time for sightseeing. Bath has a very wealthy history and a lot of historic landmarks . Maybe the most attractive one is the Royal Crescent. An English author Jane Austin lived in various areas of Bath between 1801-1806. The city is the perfect place for some of her works like "Northanger Abbey" and  the Jane Austin Centre in the city is meant to preserve her stay in the region.

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