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Settled seventy five kms far from Paris, Amiens is a good option both for travelers seeking to avoid stress traveling to the French capital or for the adventurer souls who prefer an authentic taste of the French countryside. Amiens has great weather for  a quiet vacation.

Modern Amiens has French-style houses along the Somme. Ancient bridges lay on the slowly flowing water, and tiny paths link the central bazaar and governmental centers with breath taking cathedrals and ancient style cemeteries. The city was a battle place for Romans and barbarians. Amiens is famous to be home of  the very well known author Jules Verne, who met and wed his wife there in 1856 and worked as a town councilman in 1888. There are many historic places to enjoy during your trip to Amiens. The Amiens Cathedral is the biggest thirteenth Century Gothic style church of its own kind and the biggest in France.Besides, the Cirque de Jules Verne, one of the very few ancient circuses in the whole world and still operating today, is named after Jules Verne. After all the floating gardens, located between the Somme and Avre rivers surrounded by artifical canals create an unforgettable and nice experience.

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