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Aberdeen is Scotland's 3rd most crowded city, and it's no doubt why. Always a booming mercantile center after the Industrial Revolution, and recently one of the best oil producers in Europe, the city has had an important impact on the U.K. economy. Add to this great shopping, fine gardens and rich history, it's  out of question why Aberdeen is called the 54th most livable city in the world.

Though located up north in the oceanic climate of Scotland, Aberdeen has a relatively milder  weather. Winters are not as harsh as in other parts. The cold starts around December and ends towards March. Every year, different regions of the U.K. compete in growing the most beautiful flowers. Aberdeen is the favorite. The city has won the record 10 times. Despite the fact that there is a decrease in manufacturing, the city keeps a big number of skilled laborers. Importantly, the city is located on one of the biggest oil reserves in Europe, which has given it the title of the Oil Capital of Europe.

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