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Founded by the Gauls, Reims was under the auspices of the Roman Empire until the early 450s, witnessing significant wars in world history. Today, with a population not exceeding 200.000, it has a very active history even though it is a quiet settlement. The city, one of the building blocks of the French monarchy, was destroyed during World War II but restored and preserved its architectural texture.

Although it is a small city, improved transportation opportunities save visitors from getting lost in the city. When it comes to France, the wine quality comes to mind; but Reims is a city of champagne. Champagne production houses known as Les Grandes Marques are open to the public for tastings and tours. The champagne produced is aged in Reims' famous tunnels and cellars; The tunnels that you can see during the tours are great for witnessing the history of the Roman Empire.

Reims-Prunay Airport serves to the city of art and local flavors.

Reims Private Jet Charter

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Reims Airport is the preferred choice for commercial flights, but the private jet flights from Reims-Prunay are the right choice. The airport, which does not accept scheduled flights, only accepts private jet flights. The airport, which hosts the advanced aerospace industry of Reims, has a 3.773 m long asphalt landing track suitable for all jets. Since there are only private jet flights, there is no slot limitation.

The rest areas in the general terminal are designed exclusively for the private jet crew and passengers. FBO services offered at the airport, where procedures such as passport and check-in do not take much time, include everything from fuel filling to maintenance. If you have forgotten to take Reims’ famous champagne before your flight, you can easily buy a bottle from Reims-Prunay Airport.

Reims Private Jet Charter

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If you are traveling to the city of Reims, which is one of the most renowned manufacturers of the aviation industry, you may have the most enjoyable flight experience. An airport dedicated to private flights is a dream-like city, so there's no limitation on your last-minute flights. If you are going to the city of Reims on your next trip, you can contact us and get your specially prepared travel plan.