Hiring Private Jet to Djibouti

Over Africa, at the height of a couple thousand feet, shifting your private jets destination from west to east means to encounter Djibouti. Adjacency to countries such as Ethiopia and Somali and great closeness to important locations such as the Gulf of Aden have been increasing the value of country whose capital is Djibouti city in geopolitical aspect. Like many other African countries, a pinch of French breeze can be sensed in the city whose ethnical groups are mostly Somali and Afar. City of diversities, Djibouti will be welcoming you at International Ambouli Airport as soon as you land.

Journey to Djibouti City

The only airport that serves to the city is Ambouli; which offers advantages to its visitors with its proximity to the city center. Smoothness and coziness of your flight can be kept up later on by VIP services that are offered by the airport which can be arranged by us, Avione Jet. After landing of before taking off, you will be escorted through the doors of your private jet or to transportation vehicle but before, you can have cold or hot drinks, light snacks and keep up with your plans without concerning about procedures such as security check or passport control in VIP area.

Average temperature within a year is 32 degrees in Djibouti; so we suggest you be prepared for an arid climate. It’s better not to forget your beachwear and sun protection; due to its location near to ocean, you can have a vacation even though your purpose of the visit is business-oriented. Different versions of African culture can be discovered by visiting little town around the Djibouti city, also natural beauties such as Assal Lake offers you activities such as a nice trekking experience.

Africa by Private Jet

As Avione Jet, we are here for you with a travel plan that tailored to your demands; no matter where. As long as you specify and inform us about your needs and planned dates, we arrange you the best flight in the shortest time and open the doors of your private jet without leaving you any detail to think of. For more information, you can fill the form or call the Avione Jet executive 7/24.