Bujumbura Private Jet Charter

Think of a city, having an exotic name as ‘Bujumbura’, serving as a capital for Burundi and settled on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Welcome to the city of awe-inspiring beaches, famous for its hip nightlife among the whole region. Quiet beautiful Bujumbura offers you amazing views if you hike to the top of its looming mountains which surrounds the city, a cityscape which is an intriguing mixture of imposing public buildings and grandiose colonial relics. Inside the capital, many of the dusty streets intersect with wide, tree-lined boulevards and limited with glorious beaches.

The main gateway to this amazing city is Bujumbura International Airport. The airport is renowned for its paved runway, which is the only one amongst other international airports in Burundi. The small and single-terminal airport receives just 90.000 passengers per annum, so you won’t have to wait in the long queues while having your documents and papers checked.

Private Aircraft Hire in Bujumbura

The passengers of Bujumbura Private Jet Charters can benefit from variety of exclusive services offered at the Bujumbura International Airport. You can have a fresh start to your journey and receive special services to your taste. These elite flyers can use the only terminal and fast security and customs’ checks. Also if needed, you can have accommodation and car rental services reserved for you at preferential rates in Bujumbura.

How to Use Bujumbura Private Jet Charters

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