Asmara Private Jet Charter

Largest settlement and the capital city of Eritrea really is a diamond of a city. Sun beats down on the streets lined with tempting pastry shops, vintage-style cafes and vivacious pizza parlors for eight straight months of a year. Perhaps you might think it as an Italian village but you are really in the capital of Eritrea. One of the most enchanting cities in Africa has a European atmosphere makes you feel like you are on an entirely different continent so will the architectural wonders. Home to a population of over 800,000 inhabitants, large but not crowded city will make you want more after you leave, no matter how long you stayed.

The main gateway to the capital is Asmara International Airport.

Asmara Private Jet Hire

Country’s largest airport, the international airport of Asmara was built in 1922 and served as the main military airport in the region. In the 1930’s, Asmara International Airport began to operate for civilian and commercial flights. But still, it also serves as a base for the military.

Due to capacity restrictions, having a small terminal and short runway, the airport provides restricted services. Therefore, some large jet aircraft cannot fly to the airport. But for private jet charters, the airport is very suitable although there are not many services offered for private jet charter passengers. You can benefit from amenities such as refreshments and beverages at the departure area but the most striking advantage is not waiting in the lines for customs and security checks. Thus, you will save time and will not fall behind your schedule.

How to Use Asmara Private Jet Charters

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