Abuja Private Jet Charters

One of the Africa’s most vivacious cities, Abuja is the heart of Nigeria. Capital is a purpose-built city with a history of religious and ethnic features. Distinct districts are divided by leafy roads, marked by crescive buildings and high office towers. In despite of the undergoing constructions, city provides an excellent and always-changing sights for visitors.

Named after Nigeria’s first president, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport serves the city.

Private Flights to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

Since the inauguration in 2002, airport has been receiving both international and domestic flights. According to the statistics, nearly 4.5 million passengers were welcomed in 2016 although there is only one runway operating. Three lounges located in two different terminals are in use whilst one of them only serves domestic flight passengers. Gabfol and SDS lounges contain beds and showers to rest, be clean and serve tasty refreshments.

City’s biggest tourist attraction is Aso Rock which has a dominant feature of capital and is nearly 400-meter tall. As a biggest sillhouette, it surrounds some of the city’s most charming government buildings such as National Assembly Building and House of Representatives. Another must-see attraction is Jabi Lake for visitors and locals, even though its developments hasn’t been finished yet. This man-made lake is a pretty place to catch a sweet breeze while escaping from the hustle and bustly of the city. Altought city is still undergoing some changes as mentioned before, it still worths a visit.

How to use Abuja Private Jet Charters

Hiring a private jet is easier than you think. Just by filling the form, in 15 minutes, our team will contact you and you will be informed about details such as prices and services. For your trips to Abuja or from Abuja to any other place, Avione Jet is ready to make all necessary arrangements for a luxurious and comfortable trip.

Most Popular Routes of Abuja Private Jet Charters

The most used routes to or from Abuja are Glasgow-Abuja, Belfast-Abuja and Abeerden-Abuja.