Avione Jet started to accept payments via Bitcoin, a worldwide cryptocurrency and payment system. Bitcoin is a peer to peer system with no  intermediary. The transactions take place directly between users after being recorded on a blockchain, which is actually a public  distributed ledger.Bitcoin is regarded as the first decentralized digital currency since the system works with no central administration.

The most remarkable advantage of the system is the fact that it is instant, fast, available to use 24/7, and very safe when it is correctly used. Compared to traditional ways of transfers, the bitcoin payments are 50 times faster and technologically sophisticated. Being very aware of the power of technology, Avione Jet felt the necessity of adopting this highly innovative payment system.

‘’I believe that bitcoins will replace traditional money in a near future because it deserves so’’ says Mehmet Ozdemir, the founder of Avione Jet. He also added he is very happy and proud to be pioneering the industry by this aspect.