COVID-19 Exclusive: Health and Safety Measures in the Coronavirus Process

Although the world has stopped for a while, the functioning economy still makes travel unavoidable. Traveling with commercial flights involves risk, even though the measures are sound and safe. Fever control, mask-glove-distance trio can be inadequate when these asymptomatic individuals are involved. At this point, the private jet industry, which served boutique prior to the pandemic, emphasizes the health factor along with the pandemic.

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Pandemic Preventions Taken in Private Jets

There are protocols applied on private jet flights even if you are considering traveling solo or along with a small group and you think you are not in an infected state. These protocols differ for private jet passengers, crew and private jet. For example, the health of your flight crew. If you travel short or long distance in a closed area, it is important with whom you breathe the same air.

Depending on the region you will travel, there are institutions that take control in situations such as pandemic / epidemic. For example, if you are going to travel from the United States, CDC (Center for Disease Control); If you are going to travel in Europe, ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) are the institutions that determine the protocols to be applied. In addition to the rules applied during the private jet flight in the aviation industry, there are strict measures for road transport. If you are going to travel in an area controlled by the CDC or ECDC, there should be a distance of 1.8 to 1.5 meters between people in transportation before or after the flight. In addition, if the place you are staying is provided by a private jet broker, the disinfection of the room is also the responsibility of the brokerage firm.

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Health Check of Private Jet Crew

Individuals infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms depending on the strength of their immune system and whether they have chronic conditions. These people are in an important position on the spread of the disease. The officers in the flight crew can join the flight with fever control and PCR test before the flight even in such asymptomatic situations. When the test is positive or an appropriate condition is observed with the criteria of the disease, the crew member is placed under quarantine. The protocols that vary from country to country basically take into account the health of the flight crew and thus ensure that they can come together with private jet passengers.

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In a pre-disinfected private jet with a healthy flight crew, if you want to perform a flight that you cannot postpone, the private jet preference will be the best choice. You can reach the Avione Jet executive 24/7 and get detailed information for a flight that fits all protocols.