What is FBO (Fixed-Based Operator) in Private Flights?

Your travel plan is ready, your suitcases and documents are with you; You are about to step into your private jet and have a perfect flight. So, who applies all these procedures to private jets that require preparation and maintenance as much as you do? As it is understood from the title, the whole employee is called FBO (Fixed-Based Operator) in order to give you the best service behind the scenes. Depending on the width of the airport and the rate of private jet travel, the qualifications of FBOs can vary.

If you are traveling to the unique capitals of Europe, such as London or Berlin, you can expect the airport to be more developed and larger. They can accommodate the “General Aviation Terminal” within the airports of such cities. This terminal can either be inside the main terminal or located in another part of the facility. In order to leave the airport as soon as possible after a fast and exclusive journey, you can get services from your FBO service provider for your private jet at these terminals, which include luggage delivery, passport and security control zones. FBO service provider in terms of private jet; it offers a wide range of services to private jet flight crew and passengers. For example, let's say you are traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark's breathtaking city. The city, where the temperature is low during the year, causes icing in the private jet and requires a more careful process in the landing and take-off. In these situations that require experience and precision, de-icing is a must-have for the ground crew during the preheated hangar and landing-take-off. It is the FBO service provider that will provide such important services to you.

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What is the FBO doing on Private Jet Travels?

Let's imagine that your jet has landed after a perfect and comfortable flight. The FBO team takes care of you in the process immediately after landing. You can meet the pilot who takes control of your flight and arrive with a team that accompanies the rest area that only private jet passengers can use. The FBO team also deals with baggage, passport control and other boring processes. Your special assistant provided for you takes on all these annoying details.

If you think the opposite of the first scenario, the team that will give you the support you want will be the FBO team again. The FBO team, which prepares your private jet for the flight, provides the necessary equipment for the catering service and provides ground handling service during the departure before you fly within the specified date and time interval, prepares you for the most enjoyable flight experience without fatigue and with genial attitude.

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What are the innovations in FBOs?

With the development of technology, a new breath has been brought to the FBO sector. These innovations, which have been in parallel with the development of the private jet industry since 2010, have changed the vision and principles of FBO service providers. For example, new service providers entering the market dominated by famous FBO service providers have found themselves in this market with team coordination and predictive services. As the largest FBO company does not mean the highest quality service, we, as Avione Jet, find the most professional and disciplined service provider of the city you are traveling to and maximize your pre / post flight experience.