What is Cabotage in Private Jet Charter?

If you are traveling within the borders of your country, one of the concepts to be stolen is cabotage. The French origin word corresponds to a rule in the aviation industry. On domestic flights, passengers or cargo are transported by private jet; however, if the private jet that carries out this transaction comes from that country, it enters cabotage rights.

The cabotage applied by the countries to reduce the competition in the private aviation sector within their borders begins to be applied as soon as it enters the borders of the country where an aircraft does not belong, regardless of commercial or private jet. So, if private jet flights that offer unlimited comfort and luxury are included in this application, how can you make such a comfortable flight?

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Cabotage and Private Jets

Visa processes vary in international travel. For example, if you travel to a European Union countries you may need to obtain a Schengen visa from Turkey. A similar process has been introduced for the UK with Brexit. At such a point, applications that impose travel restrictions are also seen on private jet flights. If you are traveling by private jet within the borders of the European Union, an application similar to a Schengen visa is carried out. All European Union countries except Switzerland, Belarus and Kosovo can be traveled without restriction of classical cabotage. On private jet flights whose main idea is to travel flawlessly, this may sound scary; however, your private jet charter deals with such extreme situations. Suppose you are going on a trip from Italy to Pakistan. While Italy is a country without restrictions, Pakistan has a strict stance on permits. In such cases, the country where the private jet is registered is selected according to the circumstances. If the country you are traveling to does not have a fleet of its own, two different situations may arise:

-You may not be able to travel to another region within the country where you will be traveling,

- Special permits may be required to make such a flight.

In cases where special permission is obtained, another situation is encountered. The addition or subtraction for another flight within the country cannot be made to the passenger crew entering the country at the last minute. At the end of your domestic journey, these strict rules are broken and replaced by a flight that takes place freely and with the group size you want.

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A Perfect Private Jet Experience

In this very complicated case, as all other details, we, as Avione Jet, carry out the necessary applications for you. We obtain the private jet registered in a country that complies with the rules of the country you are flying to, we get all the necessary permissions before you even think about it.