Winter is Coming: Top 5 Winter Resorts with Private Jet

When it comes to vacation, most travelers think of the sea-sand and sun trio. An exquisite cocktail under the sun, which relaxes the body and warms all points of the body, is indeed one of the best holiday plans. When the summer leaves its place to winter, there may be those who do not want to leave the warm comfort area; However, if you choose the right holiday destination, you can have the best holiday in the winter. Although there are delays in scheduled flights depending on weather conditions, you can rent a private jet and sip your wine in front of the fireplace in the winter sports centers you have never stepped on and ski against the exquisite view from the top of the snow-covered mountain. If you are bored with the winter sports centers you know, we are sharing the best winter sports centers of 2020 with you in this article.

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1. Sion, Switzerland

Let's say you are in Zurich and you want to escape after a week full of long meetings. Sion is one of the places where you can relax mentally and physically within the borders of the country. Home to nearly thirteen ski resorts, Sion was chosen as the center of the Winter Olympics in 2026. Sion Airport, which is the closest airport as it is a frequent destination for sports fans, is suitable for the landing and take-off of private jets. Don't let the cold weather scare you; Sion Airport is prepared for all situations.

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2. Baqueira Beret Ski Resort, Spain

Considering the air temperature of Spain which does not drop below 0 degrees, Baqueira Beret Ski Center may surprise you. In addition to a classic skiing experience, heli-skiing, which you reach to the top of the mountain by helicopter, is among the activities recommended by the ski center. After preparing your travel plan, you may want to arrive as soon as possible; Unfortunately, you can reach this center, which is not directly accessible by private jet, by landing at the closest Toulouse Airport. This ski center, which requires land transportation, is closer than you think with the limousine we will provide upon your request.

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3. Mammoth Mountain, California

When it comes to California, although the beautiful beaches, purple-orange sunsets and Hollywood come to mind, this perception is broken by the winter activities offered by Mammoth Mountain. The region, which has the largest ski resort in the United States, is about 5 hours away from Los Angeles. After skiing on the weekend, you can find yourself after a short trip while sipping your drink with your light clothes in a world-class cocktail bar.

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4. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, which offers you the unique beauties of Iceland within the borders of America, is one of the most sought-after winter centers of Montana. Offering an unforgettable winter holiday experience, from geysers waiting for road trekking to outdoor hot tubs, Big Sky has options for those who love climbing and wildlife. It can be thought that it will be a very long journey for those traveling from Europe; However, with the right jet selection and flight crew, long distances can be made the most enjoyable.

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5. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, which is one of the favorite centers not only in 2020 but also in all other years, has a world-renowned reputation. With its nature-friendly accommodation areas, shops for star enthusiasts, star restaurants and spa areas, Aspen is a place that does not meet the metropolis. We recommend adding Aspen to the top of the list of those who want to get tired without getting away from the opportunities offered by the city. If you are not afraid of heights, in addition to all these opportunities, you can watch Aspen from the sky with a hot air balloon and witness the sunset in the most pleasant way.

Whether in Europe or at the other end of the Atlantic… As long as your travel vehicle is a private jet, your destination does not matter. With a meticulously prepared travel plan from the pre-flight to the destination, you can make a perfect entrance to the winter of 2020 and set the door of an unforgettable experience.