2020 Trends: Predicted Developments in the Private Jet Industry

In the individual-oriented sectors, developments are experienced every year according to the developing technology and the demands of the users. The private jet sector, on the other hand, does not lag behind other sectors in this regard. The development and change process of the world and societies brought along changes in private jet charter. The technology developing with a great acceleration has been integrated with private jets; the services offered throughout the flight have been made even more qualified according to the wishes of private jet passengers. In this case, a frequently asked question, "What will be the developments in the private jet industry in 2020?" is answered in this article.

Private Jet Charter


Private jet charters attract attention for business-oriented travels of large-scale companies as well as for personal travels. Considering that large-scale companies can meet private jet charter costs more easily, it is a matter of curiosity for medium and small-scale companies to do. Long distance, for example the Atlantic, can increase fuel and proper jet costs when realized. Among the solutions developed by private jet manufacturers accordingly, long distance-economic flight duo allows medium and small scaled companies to rent private jet. In this way, it will be possible to shorten the distances by renting a jet and to do this with a suitable budget after the first half of 2020.

Innovations in Private Jet Market


The sustainability policy, which spans from personal consumption to transportation, has also entered the private jet industry. The feverish work of jet giant companies after electric cars shows that this principle can be applied in air transportation after 2020. We can say that the partnership between Airbus and Siemens or the combination of Boeing and US start-ups are pregnant with brand new jets. For now, even if the jets with hybrid structure come to the fore, we can say that by 2020, they will be able to take their place in all electric jet runways. The biggest problem, battery life, is about to be solved in a way we never thought possible with talented and sharp research and development teams. As a result of the solution of important points, problems such as carbon emission and noise seem to be solved.


eVTOL also known as electric vertical takeoff, is one of the top topics in the private jet industry list by 2020. eVTOL is a system that moves the propulsion mechanisms electrically with the take-off of the aircraft. This system, which is generally used in personal aircraft, currently seems to be applicable only to short-haul flights. This situation, which can be advantageous in cities where skyscrapers are abundant and air traffic is intense, is highly invested.

Private Jet Charter

On-demand jet charter

Companies or individuals who travel frequently by private jet generally benefit from the membership system. With this application, private jet charter will be made available upon request, without requiring membership.

Private Jet Charter Advantages

With these innovations envisaged in 2020, hiring a private jet is more advantageous for people with an environmentalist attitude and non-membership in crowded cities. You can contact the Avione Jet representative and get detailed information for a flight experience equipped with the innovations of the new year.