Sao paulo Private Jet Charter


São Paulo Private Jet Charter

A thriving, high-rise city, São Paulo, is a absolutely inviting destination for urban explorers. It may not possess Rio’s beaches and samba beat but this 20-million metropolis has everything to everyone’s taste. Once it was a dull image of Brazil but it has became a dynamic city with an exciting nightlife, food and fashion scene.

You first stop in this megacity will be Guarulhos International Airport.


Guarulhos International Airport

Megacity is served by a major airport comprises three terminals: T1, T2 and T3 and located 25 km from downtown São Paulo. Since it was opened, airport has been enlarged and terminals have been renovated due to being in use of both military and public. Opened terminals are connected to each other by shuttle bus.

Although the airport is quite old, passenger number approaches to 36 million annually and there are so many facilities and amenities can be benefited from by these passengers. Each terminal has its own arrival and departure, check-in areas and security control. Several VIP lounges are avaliable and you can even take a shower while you are waiting for your flight in one of these lounges. This 24 hour open facility serves to passengers at all hours of the day and night.

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This largest city in South America, carries the traces of Portuguese, German, African and Spanish cultures. As one of these countries, Japan is honoured by a museum called Museu da Imigracao Japonesa. History of Japanese immigration is documented by this museum and it has exhibitions of a widespread photographs, objects and documents which tells us a lot about the beginning of immigration. Another museum is The São Paulo Museum of Art, known locally as MASP, was opened in 1968 and displays a variety of western art in Latin America. Work of artists such as Renoir, Matisse, Picasso and Miro can be explored in a lovely afternoon. From there, you can stop by to Ibirapuera Park, which is a immense green space with museum, gardens, playgrounds for children. You can have a picnic and enjoy the fair weather. But people who like adrenalin and hiking, can take a bus and go directly to The Iguazu Falls and have a memorable experience. Name of the falls comes from the Guarani words and means “big water”.  If you don’t want to perform a solo visit, tours are also available. You will leave Iguazu, the largest waterfalls system in the world, speechless.

Having a notable trip from the beginning is possible if you inform us about your designated date of travel and required services. Experienced Avione Jet team will make arrangements for your comfort and only thing left to do by you will be getting on plane and enjoying the rest of your holiday.

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Brazil
  • LATITUDE: -23.4345529 N
  • LONGITUDE: -46.4803147 W