Brussels Private Jet Charter

brussels airport

Capital city of Belgium, Brussels is at the crossroads for transatlantic flights to or from North America. As a consequence of this unique location, in 2014 Brussels Airport welcomed 21.000.000 passengers.

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport, built in 1940, has a very easy access and is very close to the capital Brussels, just 12 km north of the city. Having great number of passengers throughout the day, the General Aviation Terminal is separately located from general terminal areas to provide a calm and tranquil environment.

In this separated area, all facilities are thought of, including VIP resting areas, private work stations and conference rooms and luxurious catering services. There are possibilities for docking aircrafts during your stay. To have a seamless journey, call Avione now and learn all your opportunities not only to fly to Brussels but also from Brussels to many different locations. You can rest assured that we will find you the most reasonable and comfortable solution for your travel plans whether it is a business trip or a touristic.

brussels city

Brussels Private Jet Hire / Charter

There are designated terminals, ground handling services for your convenience at the Brussels Airport. Having located very close to all major Northern Europe cities, Brussels is a very popular destination for travelers. After or before your flights you can rest in luxurious areas whilst expert personnel taking care of your passports and required other services.

Brussels, defined as a dream city in the famous movie “In Bruge”, is a very cozy and warm city. Pleasure of Brussels lies in wandering its fancy streets, stopping in the cafes for a hot beverage and listening to street performances. The main attraction in Brussels is Central Square. One of the best architectural and enthralling environments in the Europe, Central Square must be visited during nights to admire this great atmosphere and dazzling lightings.  To visit Brussels in a comfortable and safe way, call us today and we will make all the arrangements for you.

Brussels Paris private jet charter costs


Brussels Istanbul private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 16.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 7.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 10.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €

Brussels Moscow private jet charter costs


Brussels  London private jet charter costs

Light Jets 16.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €

Brussels Frankfurt private jet charter costs


Brussels Berlin private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 13.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €


Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Belgium
  • LATITUDE: 50.900999 N
  • LONGITUDE: 4.4833857 W