Minsk Private Jet Charters

Minsk Private Jet Charters

Contrary to its dreary reputation, Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, will surprise you with fashionable cafes, impressive restaurants and modern, progressive outlook. Having a population of nearly 2 million, the city is improving at a pace and has a very lively nightlife. Although the city has been razed to the ground during World War II, it offers great opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

Minsk National Airport serves the Belarus and the capital city.

Minsk National Airport

Located 46 km away from the capital city, Minsk National Airport is the largest airport in the country. Receiving nearly 3 million passengers in a year, the airport is expanding in harmony with the city itself.

There used to be two airports serving the city, The Minsk -1 Airport and Minsk -2 Airport. The Minsk -1 Airport was closed down and former Minsk -2 airport, now Minsk National Airport still in service.

The Services for Elite Travelers

There is a fully equipped CIP room for the passengers of Minsk Private Jet Charters in Minsk National Airport. These passengers will be greeted by their personal agents at the airport and led through the security checks while they are sitting in recreation areas and having a meal or alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you also desire, you can have your meal ready at the time you arrive at the airport. However, if you travel to Minsk for touristic purposes, you will need to join the general security area for the issuance of touristic visa. In the CIP area, only business visas are granted.

How to Use Minsk Private Jet Charters

Minsk Private Jet Rental

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Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Belarus
  • LATITUDE: 53.8825031 N
  • LONGITUDE: 28.0303113 W