Antalya Private Jet Charter

antalya private jet charter

Would you like to have a vacation where the sun is always gaudy, the sea is warm and clear, the beaches are sandy and clean? If the answer is yes, then Antalya is the perfect place for you. Not limited to only sea tourism, Antalya has been an important settlement throughout the history and as a result of this, the city has unique historical artifacts and museums. Having clear and world class beaches, secluded and heavenly bays that are peerless combinations of green and blue, splendorous views from nearby Taurus Mountains, Antalya has plenty reasons for being one of the top rated  tourism destinations. The city welcomes visitors in two airports, as one being in the city center and other one being in nearby famous town Alanya.

Antalya Airports

The main airport in Antalya, Antalya Airport is located in the city centre and harbors 27 million passengers annually, making it the 15th busiest airport in Europe. The Gazipasa Airport, found in Alanya, a nearby town of Antalya, also hosts almost 2 million passengers.

antalya private jets

In both airports, there are designated facilities for private jet passengers. In these areas, passengers can rest in private resting areas, have meals and pass through security checks.

Private Jet Charter Services in Antalya

Antalya is quite occupied during summer time for touristic purposes, starting from March till end of October. The main reasons of this are the breakthrough concept of accommodation in hotels and cultural and historical legacy that Antalya has. Owing to this passenger density, the best and most comfortable way of travelling to Antalya is using a private jet charter in which you can receive first class on board service and any additional service you may request, transfer from the very doors of your plane to your hotel and clearing all the customs’ and security checks without waiting. For all these services and more, Avionejet is always here for you with the most reasonable solutions. On your part, only requirement for your travels to Antalya is to call, e-mail or through our web-site contact us. Our experienced staff will make all arrangements and propound to you.

Moscow Antalya private jet charter costs


Doha Antalya private jet charter costs

Light Jets 15.000,00 €   Light Jets 12.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 20.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 17.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 25.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 27.500,00 €

Kiev Antalya private jet charter costs


London Antalya private jet charter costs

Light Jets 10.000,00 €   Light Jets 16.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 15.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 20.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €

Riyadh Antalya private jet charter costs


Tehran Antalya private jet charter costs

Light Jets 16.000,00 €   Light Jets 10.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 15.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 20.000,00 €
Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Turkey
  • LATITUDE: 36.9043327 N
  • LONGITUDE: 30.7996881 W