Phuket Private Jet Charter


Phuket Private Jet Charter


One of the islands of Thailand, Phuket has been the largest island and the capital of country.

Having splendid sights and beaches, receiving a large number of visitors, Phuket is surrounded 

by luminious sea and economy of the island is driven by tourism and rubber tree plantations. 


Large surface makes you feel as if you are not on an island but wait untill you've landed off to 

Phuket International Airport.


Phuket International Airport


Third-busiest airport of the country is a major hub for international flights and located 32 km away 

from the downtown.Tourism plays an essential role in the flight volume, for instance in 2016, airport received 15 million passengers.


Three separate terminals are in use for domestic, international and charter flights. Terminal 1 is used for international flight whilst Terminal 2 receives domestic flight passengers. Private jet passengers are welcomed in Terminal X. Saving time is possible due to its being a separated terminal and various amenities are provided for such as fast tracks for security and passport controls.


Phuket Private Jet Hire


A promising nightlife, sights which are really a combination of blue and green and more will make your journey to Phuket unforgettable. Significant blend of colonial and Chinese architecture will impress you if you visit Old Phuket Town. You can explore the streets and buildings then when the dinner time comes, local restaurants will be waiting for you. Tasty cuisine of Phuket is extremely palatable. After dinner, you can directly go to Bangla Road for an amazing nightlife experience. But let us warn you first; you might need to be an open minded person and have a sense of humour to have fun. Another fun thing to do in Phuket is visiting Phang Nga Bay with a boat tour. Excellent nature is right there to be relaxed and meditate in silence. In this bay there are two more spots called Koh Panyee and James Bond Island. In short, a long boat trip waits for you.


Experiencing an enthralling flight to or from Phuket is possible if you call us today. We are happy to find best solutions for your travel plans whether its business-oriented or personal. Only thing you will do is rest and enjoy your journey.

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Thailand
  • LATITUDE: 8.1110951 N
  • LONGITUDE: 98.3042759 W