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Settled alongside the Lugano Lake, Lugano is nothing but a relaxing small city. Having a population of only 70.000, the city is cozy and offers picturesque views of the Alps and the lake. It is quite tempting in winter and spring while there are many to explore in summer and autumn as well. One can wander in cobblestone streets with flowery banks, inhale the clean air and admire the flawless combination of blue and green. This touristic city is also the third most important city in Switzerland in terms of banking.

Lugano-Agno International Airport is serving the city.

Lugano-Agno International Airport

The regional airport, Lugano International is located 4 kilometer west of the city centre and receives nearly 200.000 passengers annually. Since serving a modest touristic city, there is one terminal building and the airport is open only between 07.00 and 22.00 hours. Being an upscale tourism destination, there is a fully equipped VIP terminal in the airport as well.

Services for the Passengers of Lugano Private Jet Charters

In the Lugano Airport, there is a fully equipped VIP Terminal for the use of these exclusive passengers. Here, the passengers can enjoy quite simple and fast clearance of security and customs checks, taste delicious Swiss meals, benefit from limo rentals and accommodation bookings at reasonable rates. Being a popular spot in the general aviation, the airport does not regulate slot restrictions for the general aviation flights.

How to Use Lugano Private Jet Charters

Lugano Private Jet Services

Using Lugano Private Jet Charters is quite simple and accessible. You can easily reserve a jet, piloted by the best crew in the sector to take you to Lugano and benefit from many privileged services. To that end, you can contact Avione Jet and request a free quote for private flights to Lugano. With our expertise in the sector and caring staff, it is guaranteed that you will receive a first class service in your journeys. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or through our website.


Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Switzerland
  • LATITUDE: 46.0044161 N
  • LONGITUDE: 8.9079208 W