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luxembourg airport private jet charter

Luxembourg, surrounded by Belgium, Germany and France, is a very small but prosperous country, constantly ranking in top 3 nations in wealth. Capital city is named also Luxembourg and country’s only international airport, Lindel, is founded here.

Luxembourg Airport

Encircled with three countries, all of whom have very active and developed air industry, Luxembourg has a relatively humble airport. Visited by nearly 2.000.000 passengers, airport has a contrarily important role regarding the geographical location. Currently having two terminal buildings, to obtain a modern outlook, both of the terminal buildings will be renovated and in 2018 new terminal buildings will be reopen for service.

luxembourg private jet charter

Private Jet Charters in Luxembourg

There is a fully equipped General Aviation Terminal for the use of private jet flyers. In this terminal building, passport and customs services, VIP resting areas, work rooms, access to internet and restaurant and beverages are offered. You can easily cross security checks without having to wait long queues in this terminal.

Regarding all these information, we can clearly articulate that Luxembourg is a very suitable location for private jet charters. Due to close position to France, Germany and Belgium, you can use these charter services not only to Luxembourg but also from Luxembourg to these countries. To arrange and plan flawless journey, give us a call. In Avionejet, we highly uphold our customers’ need and beyond that we take measures to prevent any from happening. By letting us know your travel plans and pick up location, we will plan a perfect vacation for you.

With its antic city centre, which is also preserved under UNESCO World Heritage List, mountain houses, fronting fetching views, spread under the shadows of Medieval Castles and quality wines raised in Moselle, Luxembourg is must see country. If you also wish to crown this fantastic country by leaving all nuisances behind and going through a remarkable experiencecall us today. 


Luxembourg Paris private jet charter costs


Luxembourg Istanbul private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 16.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 7.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 10.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €

Luxembourg Moscow private jet charter costs


Luxembourg  London private jet charter costs

Light Jets 16.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €

Luxembourg Frankfurt private jet charter costs


Luxembourg Berlin private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 13.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €
Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Luxembourg
  • LATITUDE: 49.6289037 N
  • LONGITUDE: 6.2125559 W