Tirana Private Jet Charter

With colourful, bright streets and buildings, Tirana is one of the most moving cities in the Europe. The city had been under the reign of Ottomans, Italians and Communists, therefore carries significant marks from all those eras. You can see the minarets stretching to the skies, while on the other hand see churches and socialist murals. The city is a great combination of history, art and spiritual awakening. Only after the 1990s, Tirana tries to regain and form an identity in a dizzying speed. With crazy traffic and all the hustle, Tirana could be everything but dull.

Tirana International Airport, commonly known as Rinas International Airport, is located in the village of Rinas, just 11 kilometers south of the capital city, Tirana. Being the only international airport in the Albania, the airport is usually the main entrance to the country for foreigners. The airport is relatively busy as it’s the 8th busiest airport in the Balkans. The airport is well decorated, refurbished in 2005 reflecting the adamantine Albanian pride.

Facilities for Tirana Private Jet Charter Passengers

Eager for transformation after oppressed years under Communism, Albania offers tempting incentives for entrepreneurs as well as tourists, with preserved nature and breathtaking coastline, extending through western borders. Unfortunately, there is not a general aviation terminal in Tiran Airport, yet to make up this shortcoming, the passengers of Tirana Private Jet Charters can benefit from the business lounges studded with taste. With green theme, trees and plants all over spacious area, you can rest tranquilly in this business lounge while waiting for your flights.

Offered Services for Private Jet Passengers in Tirana

There are exclusive services offered for your taste in your private flights to Tirana both on-board and on the ground. If you wish to have a meal, cooked by the best chefs in Albania, on-board during your flights just let us know. Car rentals, discounted accommodations in renowned hotels for you and your crew during your stays in Albania as well as fast tracks for security and customs checks are available in your visits. As Avionejet, our primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction and happiness during your travels to Tiran.

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Albania
  • LATITUDE: 41.4144491 N
  • LONGITUDE: 19.7171112 W