Naples Private Jet Charters

Naples Private Jet Charters

Naples, the third largest city in Italy, is one of its most artistic, the most flavourful and oldest. The city centre is a World UNESCO Heritage Site and houses many historical treasures such as palaces, castles and churches as well as statues.

To visit this all-round city, the Naples International Airport is at your service. Located only 6 km north of the city centre, the visitors can access the airport by car and public transportation.

Naples International Airport

Naples International Airport is the 8th busiest airport in Italy, handling nearly 5 million passengers annually. There are two terminal buildings in the airport, one serving the scheduled flights while the other one serving the charter flights only.

Naples Private Jet Charters

Naples, housing vast prolific terrains combined with volcanic ashes, clean and clear sea sides, recovering economical outlook and being a bridge to south of Italy, is a major hub for private jet charters. Allocating a separate terminal for only private jet charters, Naples offers comprehensive services to the exclusive passengers including special lounges decorated in style, delicious flavours served by the best of Naples, on-board catering services, car rentals and accommodation arrangements at preferential rates.

Naples private jet charter services

In order to benefit from these privileged services and experience an unforgettable trip to Naples, you can contact Avionejet and let us deal with all tiny details so that you can enjoy the treats in Naples. You can easily contact us through our website, phone numbers or e-mail. We serve on 7/24 basis. Also please note that you can ask for other services that you may need during your trip to Naples, both on and off-board.

Popular Destinations from Naples

Although you can practically fly to anywhere from Naples when you use private jet charters, the most popular private jet charter destinations from Naples are Frankfurt, Madrid and Vienna. 

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • LATITUDE: 40.8829983 N
  • LONGITUDE: 14.2843905 W