Thessaloniki Private Jet Charter

Thessaloniki Private Jet Charter

The second biggest city in Greece, Thessaloniki has always been a prominent figure throughout the history, regardless of rulers. Housing one of the oldest churches in Europe, St George, unfortunately few artifacts from Ottoman Era and many from Byzantines, Thessaloniki still attracts visitors from all over the world. Once an example of multiculturalism, the city is almost fully Greek but was able to preserve that soul, from the past.

Thessaloniki International Airport-Macedonia serves the city of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. Passed threshold of 5 million passengers in 2015, the airport quickly became the 3rd busiest airport in Greece.

Thessaloniki International Airport-Macedonia

The airport is located in 13 kilometers south of the famous White Tower, marked as the center of the city, in Thessaloniki. There is a terminal building with three floors and two crossing runways, which is not suitable for landing of wide body planes. The main routes from Thessaloniki are Athens, London and Istanbul.

Thessaloniki Private Jet Charter Services: Arriving Passengers

When you select to fly with Avionejet, you get the safest, upscale service with the most experienced crew. When you land in Thessaloniki, our agents will greet you at the very doors of your private jet and escort you to the exclusive lounges where you can rest in. While you have your refreshments, enjoy from open buffet, our agents will take care of your security and customs procedures and claim your baggage for you. If you choose to have a chauffeured rental services, we will have your car ready for you.

Thessaloniki Private Jet Charter Services: Departing Passengers

When you choose to fly with the comfort of the private jets from Thessaloniki to almost anywhere in the world, you are greeted by our agents in the minute you set foot in the airport. We will escort you to the executive lounges in which you can rest with leisure and tranquility, while we take care of all necessary procedures for you.

Thessaloniki Private Jet Charter Services

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Greece
  • LATITUDE: 40.5204227 N
  • LONGITUDE: 22.9694871 W