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Skiathos Private Jet Charter Flights

At your next vacation, charter a private jet to Skiathos, Greece through Avione Jet Charters to ease your mind and experience the mixture of luxury and comfort. As soon as you get in contact with our consultant, you can book your next flight and without any consideration, while your personal consultant manages your flight from take off to landing, you will reach to your destination point. During the flight you can experience gourmet dining in-flight, and whatever you would like to eat will be provided by us. After you landed, there will not be any worries about ground transportation and hotel reservation if you let us to takeover the situation, we will gladly handle the rest.


Skiathos is a small Greek Island in the northwest Aegean Sea. It allures visitors with its vivacious beaches and welcoming seaside community. As is known to all, 300 Spartans were pushed out of Thermopylae Pass, but it turned out as an unsuccessful attempt. Skiathos is the site where this war happened. It was also a hide-out for Greek rebels during the war for independence,and the first flag of Greece was raised over Evangelistria monastery in 1807.

The region features more than 50 sandy beaches on an island 12 km long and 6 km wide. Even though the town of Skiathos houses less than 5,000, it is still a popular tourist destination. You can sunbath under Mediterranean sun or take a boat to visit nearby island of Volos, Thessaloniki or Konstantinos. Traditional Greek cuisine and culture will be there for you to enjoy and fulfill your expectations.

Ensuring passenger safety from start to finish, Avione Jet is ready to connect you with Skiathos and its all natural beauties.

Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Greece
  • LATITUDE: 39.1761582 N
  • LONGITUDE: 23.5009901 W