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Nuremberg, once accepted as the most beautiful city in the Germany, is a seamless combination of past and present, probably the future. The city was settled alongside the banks of Danube Canal and was a cultural and trade center during the medieval times. Also home of the renowned artist Albrecht Durer, the city embodies lots of bridges and the most famous and oldest Christmas Market that is worth a visit.

Nuremberg was also known for its toy making, the inventions of clarinet and fob watches, first globe and the first map of Christian Europe. Unfortunately, during the Second World War as a result of intense air attacks, the city lost %90 of settlements.  After the war, the Nuremberg trials were held in the city in order to face the Nazis. From the 1950s to the 1980s, city’s renewal process was maintained and most of the buildings were salvaged or reconstructed reflecting the medieval character of the city. City’s airport was also the first one, built after the World War II. Having over 4 million passengers in a year, it is the 10th busiest airport in Germany and has a general aviation terminal to meet private jet passengers.

In order to see the lively Christmas market and go for a shopping, the handmade toys crafted skillfully, and to enjoy the bridges and perfect views, a travel to Nuremberg will certainly rejuvenate you. If you would like to be accompanied by unlimited treats and services, to travel in safety and relaxation, the best way of travel is to use Avionejet Nuremberg Private Jet Charters.

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By choosing Avione, you will leave all the boring details to us and only enjoy the delights offered by this both historical and also modern city. You can have your limousine pick you up in the desired location and take you to the very gates of your aircraft, or you can rest in general aviation terminal in Nuremberg, have your refreshments or do the last minute checks of your business in workstations. We can arrange your flights to or from Nuremberg, including connecting flights if you may require.

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Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • LATITUDE: 49.436009 N
  • LONGITUDE: 10.9584137 W