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cologne airport private jet charter

Cologne is the fourth biggest city of Germany in terms of population. The city is located very near to the former capitol of pre-unification of Germany, Bonn. The airport serving both of the cities is Cologne-Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport.

Cologne Airport

Cologne-Bonn Airport is founded on almost equal distance to both major cities, 15 km to Cologne and 16 km to Bonn. The Airport is named after Konrad Adenauer who is the first Chancelor of West Germany after the war and the airport hosted 11.000.000 passenger in 2015, making it the 7th busiest airport of Germany. Combining the number with very busy cargo flights, Cologne airport is the 3rd biggest airport in Germany with regard to total number of flights.

There are 2 terminal buildings for the use of passengers. Additionally, a General Aviation Terminal was also built for private passengers. There are VIP lounges, an art gallery, conference rooms and catering services providing that all needs of passengers will be satisfied. Only private flyers are allowed to use this building.

cologne private jet hire


Cologne Private Jet Hire

Both Bonn and Cologne cities are major and important wealthy cities in Germany. On top of that, the airport is very friendly built for private flights and there are customs and passport polices on duty in this terminal too. If you wish to save time and enjoy a flight at upmost safety and comfort, it is incredibly easy to rent a private jet charter. For your private flights to Cologne or anywhere from Cologne, contact Avionejet and we will prepare a customized quote for your trip. As Avionejet, we will inform you about your possibilities for a safe and relaxing journey.

Cologne is not only an ideal business place, there are breath taking landmarks to see also. Cologne Cathedral, built in the 13th century and inspired Gaudi for Barcelona Cathedral, is a holy place in Catholic world and a magnificent building. Roman Antic City is also a must see spot. Remember, for your all travel solutions, Avionejet is there for you.  


Cologne Paris private jet charter costs


Cologne Istanbul private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 16.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 7.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 10.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €

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Cologne  London private jet charter costs

Light Jets 16.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €

Cologne Frankfurt private jet charter costs


Cologne Berlin private jet charter costs

Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 7.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 8.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 13.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 11.000,00 €
Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • LATITUDE: 50.8707168 N
  • LONGITUDE: 7.1385457 W