Frankfurt Private Jet Charters

Frankfurt Private Jet chartersThe largest city of Hessen and the 5th largest city in Germany, Frankfurt is the capital city of Europe in terms of finance and economy. Settled alongside the Main River, Frankfurt houses the European Central Bank and hosts many prestigious fairs throughout all year.

Along with these vital roles, Frankfurt also managed to preserve its cultural and historical identity. At the city centre, one can find well-preserved half-timbered buildings as well as top quality restaurants and great historical artifacts.

The busiest of Germany and the 5th busiest airport in Europe, Frankfurt International Airport serves the city of Frankfurt Am Main.






50°02′00″N 008°34′14″E


60.798.000 Pax

Hours of Operation












Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport received more than 60 million passengers in 2016 and has become one of the busiest airports in all Europe. The airport is located in 16 kilometers southwest of the city centre and turned into a small city rather than just an airport. There are 2 terminal buildings, 4 runways, a shopping centre, 3 hotels and a conference center.

The airport also witnessed 460.000 aircraft movements and still is the busiest airport in terms of cargo movements. Therefore, for Frankfurt private jet charters, this airport should not be the first choice while Egelsbach represents a better choice. Notwithstanding, the airport accepts general aviation flights and has a fully equipped general aviation terminal as well as 2 FBO’s operating at site.

The Most Popular Routes of Frankfurt Private Jet Charters

Frankfurt Private Jet Charter Services

As a result of being a major hub in Central Europe, there are flights to almost everywhere in Europe in Frankfurt. Having said that, the most preferred routes are London-Frankfurt, Berlin-Frankfurt and Zurich-Frankfurt.

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Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • LATITUDE: 50.037936 N
  • LONGITUDE: 8.5599631 W