Dortmund Private Jet Charter

Dortmund, located in the Ruhr Area in Germany, is renowned for football and industry. Even though the city’s main income source has been mine and coal, today, half of the city’s area is preserved green areas and the economic resource has shifted towards advanced technology. The city is also considered as an open football museum.

Dortmund Airport, closely located to Dusseldorf International, is a minor international airport that hosts nearly 2 million passengers annually. 

Dortmund Airport






51° 31′ 6″ N, 7° 36′ 44″ E


1.918.000 Pax

Hours of Operation

06.00 – 22.00



Dortmund Airport is located 10 kilometers east of the city centre and mainly used by the private jets and seasonal touristic flights. As a result of this low number of flights, the airport has become a hub for private jets. To strengthen this position, there is a general aviation terminal at the Dortmund Airport. In this terminal building, the passengers can go through the security, passport and customs’ checks without losing time. Hence the terminal building is separately located from the Terminal 1, long term car parking is also available.

In the terminal building, there are facilities in which the passengers can rest and spend quality time. In the lounge, snacks and refreshments are offered as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For businessmen, there is a fully equipped conference room with fax and printers. Additionally, for long term stays, it is possible to use hangars and preserve the aircrafts. If needed, minor maintenance can also be carried out.  

The Most Popular Routes of Dortmund Private Jet Charters

Dortmund Airport is widely selected by the passengers of private jets owing to its position and flight frequency. As a result, the airport is acting as a hub for private jet charters. Therefore the most preferred routes of Dortmund Private Jet Charters are Dortmund-London, Dortmund-Paris and Dortmund-Munchen.

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Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • LATITUDE: 51.517319 N
  • LONGITUDE: 7.6098306 W