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prague airport

Capital city of Czech Republic, Prague possesses a unique importance among Middle European cities. Wandering in this city in a fascinating atmosphere, enjoying impressive night life and witnessing great cultural heritage will make you feel like in heaven. For airways, Prag Vaclav Havel Airport is at the service of you.

Prag Airport

Prag Vaclav Havel Airport is the biggest and busiest airport in Czech Republic. There are three terminal buildings for general use and one terminal building for VIP and private jet users only. Apart from that, there are 2 cargo terminals which make Airport as a big complex for passengers. Prag’s other airport Kbely, was closed down and turned into a breath taking aviation museum.

There are different facilities other than designated terminal building for private jet flyers. All of these facilities offer VIP resting areas, handling customs and passport checks and catering services. You will enjoy all the benefits of private flying in any of these facilities.

prague private jet charter

Private Aircraft Hire in Prague

To fly to or from Prague or setting Prague as a base for different flights to any Czech cities or different countries, Avionejet is always at your service. All you need to do to arrange all these travel requirements is just calling us. We always find most reasonable and affordable solutions for you. Just inform us your pick up location and planned destinations as well as your requests both on board and off board, we will make a perfect plan for all your needs.

Prague is a unique city with an unequalled identity, in which history and modernity are harmonized with a perfect match. You can enjoy picturesque views from the whole city on Prague Castle and be amazed by the magnificence of almost a thousand year old St. Vitus Cathedral. It is always pleasing to visit old houses in the castle all of which are turned into little museums as well as the house of Franz Kafka. You can see the historical developments just visiting the statues in the Carl Bridge and see the statue devoted for the Ottoman Empire. In fascinating atmosphere of Prague, combined with the sumptuous but affordable private flying experience, you will have unforgettable moments for sure. 


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Light Jets 6.000,00 €   Light Jets 16.000,00 €
Mid Size Jets 7.000,00 €   Mid Size Jets 23.000,00 €
Heavy Jets 10.000,00 €   Heavy Jets 40.000,00 €

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Airport Information
  • COUNTRY: Czech Republic
  • LATITUDE: 50.101791 N
  • LONGITUDE: 14.2609924 W