Brazzaville Private Jet Charter

Named after its explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the capital of The Republic of Congo was founded in 1880 and retains much of its French heritage. As a result of its location, the economy of Brazzaville is driven by industry and trading. The largest city and the financial center of The Republic of Congo’s population is estimated to exceed 1.8 million. For visitors, there are cafes serving strong and delicious coffee and freshly-baked croissants and soft-colored colonial buildings shading over grand Catholic churches lined up on tree-lined boulevards. If you are into nightlife, you can pay a visit to Bakongo district to spend the night at one of the many bars, nightclubs or lounges and enjoy yummy and inexpensive street food after a few drinks. Brazzaville offers you an authentic vacation which you cannot forget.

The city is served by Maya-Maya Airport.

The Best Private Flights to Maya-Maya Airport

Since there is no FBO in the airport, private jet passengers can benefit from Salon Ebene VIP Lounge located at airside. Most of your possible needs are thought of in this area such as beverages and snacks, television to catch up with news, air conditioning for hot days. WiFi is available if you are on a business trip and having an intense e-mail traffic.

Brazzaville Private Jet Charter Services

As a 22-years experienced jet company, Avione Jet understand the importance of time for a person. Thus, to not fall behind your schedule and experience the comfort and luxury, we offer the best services for your private flights from or to Brazzaville. If you request, a chauffeured limousine can pick you up at your door and leave you to at the doors of your plane. Meanwhile, you can rest in modern resting areas and enjoy the snack and beverages offered to you while we had your documents and papers checked without having you wait on the queues. If you wish to have your best flight experience, contact us via phone, e-mail or online inquiry form on our website.